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In this section, you can follow the different activities in which we participate. It's the perfect way to come and meet us in person! 

Do you trust your body's signals? We live a large part of our lives in our heads. We think, we listen, we plan, we learn, we organize... As a result, our thoughts can deceive us more and more easily. Can we still feel what our body is trying to tell us? Maybe you know very well what happens to your body during stress, or maybe this is a great mystery to you. We want to discover that together with you during our workshop at the Children's University! Your heart rate can tell you a lot and even your sweat response can be an important messenger! Are you ready to not think too much, but just feel and do? You can register for our workshop ''Hart/d gaan [Going heart/hard]'' on 7 October (Campus Social Sciences in Leuven) or 21 October (Campus Gasthuisberg in Leuven) via this link: See you soon!


Find out what resilience is, and put yours to the test with puzzles from the TRIAD Resilience team (Institute for Research in Psychological Sciences, UCLouvain). Meet us in Louvain-la-Plage, at the "TRIAD Resilience" chalet.

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