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Join Our Exciting New Psychology Studies!

We invite you to take part in two exciting new studies. The first requires just one visit to our laboratory, while the second involves quick daily questionnaires on your phone. Both studies offer generous compensation, and if you join both, you’ll also enter a draw for a chance to win an amazing family trip in Belgium!

Common Preliminary Step​

Both studies start with a simple online questionnaire that you, your partner, and your child can complete from the comfort of your home. This questionnaire covers personal details (age, health, family composition, education, etc.), as well as your behaviors, thoughts, emotions, and stress in various family situations. It takes no more than 1 hour and provides valuable insights into your family dynamics.

Why Participate ?

Resilience, the ability to resist and bounce back after stressful and adverse events, is crucial for protecting parents and children from developing psychopathology. Daily family life demands constant adaptation to changing and challenging situations, underscoring the need for research to understand what makes families resilient. Our studies aim to uncover how parents and children can better cope with difficult situations that cause tension in daily life. This research can provide essential insights to develop family therapies and programs to prevent the emergence of family difficulties

These studies are not only fun and engaging but also provide a fantastic opportunity for family bonding and self-discovery. We are excited to welcome you to our lab and support you in exploring your daily experiences. Join us in these groundbreaking studies and make a meaningful contribution to psychological research!

laboratory study

In this study, your family will visit our lab to complete a series of interactive tasks:

  • Electrode Attachment: We’ll begin by attaching electrodes to measure your heart activity and sweat response.

  • Family Discussions task: You’ll wear special glasses that track your eye gaze movements during two family discussions. Each discussion is followed by brief rest periods and short questionnaires.

  • Puzzle Solving task: Next, we’ll measure your brain activity while you solve puzzles alone and with your family. You’ll also enjoy some rest and observation periods. Between each activity, you’ll answer a few questions about your feelings.

The entire session is recorded and anonymized for privacy. This session takes about 3 hours, including a break. At the end, you’ll receive a gift voucher worth 120 euros.

Daily-life study

This study explores your stress and emotions in daily life through quick, nightly check-ins: you, your partner, and your child will answer brief questions each evening for two and a half months (just 1 minute per day). The questions are sent via a secure app developed by KU Leuven researchers (m-path), easily installed on your smartphones/tablets. Compensation is based on your family’s participation:

  • 20 euros if each family member completes at least 38 out of 75 questionnaires.

  • 75 euros if each family member completes at least 65 out of 75 questionnaires.

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